U.S. Companies

who export

goods and services globally are

eligible for

U.S. tax breaks.


is a team of tax experts who

provide legal and accounting services to

U.S. Companies

who export U.S. made

products overseas.

Meet Our Team

Ryan Losi

A Certified Public Accountant and Executive Vice President at PIASCIK, an accounting firm headquartered in Glen Allen, VA, with an international tax practice.

Gary Wolfe

International Tax Attorney, Internationally Published Tax Author and Renowned Speaker, Owner The Wolfe Law Group in Los Angeles, CA.

Are You a U.S Exporter?
5 Reasons to Consider an IC-DISC:

  • No Corporate Income Tax. An IC-DISC pays no corporate income tax. Code §991.
  • Indefinite tax deferral (subject to a less than one percent interest charge, annually; i.e., in 2013, 16 basis points (.16 percent), which on $2.5 million is $4,000 per year).
  • Reduced tax on distributions (20 percent not 39.6 percent).
  • No tax on distributions (with international tax planning).
  • Federal income tax deduction to the US manufacturer who pays the IC-DISC sales commission.
Tax Planning for US & State Exports: IC-DISC

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Tax Planning for U.S. and State
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Ryan Losi, CPA
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